The Dakar Bitcoin Days is an independant gathering led by a passionate community of human beings.

Even if this forum is supported by some sponsors, we still need donations from whoever can help in order to make it.

Your sats will be wisely used in order to spread the Bitcoin philosophy in Senegal and West Africa. 

Dakar Bitcoin Days

A 100% Bitcoin-only forum

Of international scope, for public, private sectors, academic, and the local and sub-regional population.

For this 2nd edition, we will talk about the various innovations that happened in and around the Bitcoin ecosystem, and mostly, how Bitcoin can help senegalese SMEs to export around the world.


Bitcoin, a philosophy

Whoever talks about Bitcoin will inevitably address its genesis and the long list of attempts to create decentralized digital currencies. But also, it is a question of approaching the philosophy so particular of cypherpunks, pioneers and pillagers, at the origin of most of the innovations that have resulted in Bitcoin. Participants will be able to situate Bitcoin in the context of the emergence of the Internet in the 1980s and the financial crisis of the 2000s.

Bitcoin, a peer-to-peer network

Bitcoin is a network, composed of nodes that ensure the validation of transactions and the propagation of blocks. Beyond this technical aspect, Bitcoin is also a community of people scattered around the 4 corners of the world and who share the same vision of financial autonomy and monetary sovereignty. We will see how the technical and societal aspects are strongly interwoven when it comes to Bitcoin.

Bitcoin, a protocol

Bitcoin is an open source protocol on which a decentralized and secure financial system is currently built. All components of Bitcoin are in the public domain and allow everyone to make borderless transactions, almost instantaneously and at almost no cost. We will discuss this aspect of Bitcoin with specialists.

Bitcoin, an asset

Bitcoin is an asset that today takes many forms. Sometimes defined as a currency, sometimes as a good, sometimes as a commodity, among other things. In any case, Bitcoin is far from the Ponzi schemes and other scams that wreak havoc in our country and in the sub-region. We will see what makes Bitcoin unique in financial terms.



They will be present for this 2nd edition of the Dakar Bitcoin Days to do presentations, to participate in panels or moderate them, but also to do technical workshops.

Claude Bernardini


Mamadou "dofbi" Diagne

Open source contributor - Civic Hacker

Amadou Diop

CEO @ Agiltoo

Prince Don

Founder/Host podcast l’Afrique parle Bitcoin

Joseph "joe nakamoto" Hall


Lionel Jeannerat

B2Bitcoin – Le Cercle du Coin – beBOP – PVH éditions

Edouard Kougblenou

CEO @ Izichange

Mouhamadou "nourou" Kouta

Founder "Yité Technologies" - Bitcoin Senegal

Babacar Lô


Modibe Matsepane

Africa Community Master @ Fedi

Alphonse Mehounme

Bitcoiner - Benin

Fanis Michalakis

Développeur @ LNMarkets

Dr Ousmane Ndiaye

Enseignant-Chercheur en Cryptologie et Cybersécurité

Bineta Ngom

Founder @ Bleu commela mer

Sébastien Ramos


Modou Sall

VP Operations - Kalispot

Idrissa Seck

Formateur – Xamlé Bitcoin



Chelsie Yount-André

Ethnologue – Leiden University

Come discover Senegal! 

Come and discover Senegal, a country rich in culture, traditions, history and breathtaking landscapes, where you will be welcomed with warmth and hospitality by a smiling and generous people.


Even if the basic ambition is that the Dakar Bitcoin Days are free for all, we must ensure a good organization and set up a PoW (Proof of Work) to better anticipate on logistics. For this 2nd edition, entry will be paid and the fee is a symbolic amount linked to the total number of BTCs in circulation in the future.


This pass will give you access to the forum's 2 days et will allow you to witness all events.
FCFA 2.100
  • Dakar Bitcoin Days - Day 1
  • Dakar Bitcoin Days - Day 2
  • Networking
  • Goodies (et autres surprises…)


You got questions. We got answers.

You can find below a list of frequently asked questions during this kind of event, and their answers.

Send us a message, through the below form if you have any other questions.

What are the Dakar Bitcoin Days?

The Dakar Bitcoin Days are a 2-day forum organized for the first time in December 2022. The event is the result of a reflection of a group of Senegalese bitcoiners, in reaction to both the increasing adoption of Bitcoin in Senegal, but also to the multiplication of fraud/ponzis rampant in the country and using cryptocurrencies as bait.

The Dakar Bitcoin Days are organized by Yité Technologies, in association with the Bitcoin Senegal community and the Senegalese tech community.

Where and when will the Dakar Bitcoin Days take place?

The 2nd edition of Dakar Bitcoin Days will take place in Dakar, Senegal, on December 1st and 2nd, 2023.

The exact location is not yet defined and will be communicated on the site and our social networks in due course. 

What topics will be covered?

The theme of this 2nd edition of Dakar Bitcoin Days is «Helping local SMEs to open up to the world».

We will therefore talk about the peculiarities of Bitcoin that make it a decentralized financial system, allowing cross-border transactions at near zero costs.

We will talk about economy, finance, cryptography, levels in Bitcoin, p2p networks, decentralization, Linux OS, security, self custody, the history of Bitcoin, ponzis, Islamic finance, among others.

Which languages will the sessions take place in?

There will be sessions in French, English and Wolof.

Who will attend?

As speakers, we invited specialists in the following fields: programming, law, anthropology, media, security, finance and Islamic finance, among others. They will come to talk about the related aspects of Bitcoin to these themes.

On the public side, we expect about 300 people, made up of students, private sector professionals, entrepreneurs, merchants, industrialists, public sector agents, law enforcement representatives.

Why is it paying?

This decision to make this edition of the Dakar Bitcoin Days paying off stems from the experience drawn from the 1st edition. Being free, many people had registered, in addition to also choosing several tickets for other people. We ended up with 700 registrants and planned the logistics (room, chairs, screens…) therefore. We finally recorded 350 people, half of them.

This symbolic pass of 2,100 FCFA is therefore a PoW (Proof of Work) that will allow us to ensure the exact number of participants in the forum and thus plan the activities well.

What are the requirements to attend the Dakar Bitcoin Days?

Only the purchase of the pass is required to attend the 2 days of the forum.

You will have to show up each time with the pass that will be sent to you by email a few days before the forum.

Are children allowed to attend?

Yes! Bitcoin Dakar are open to everyone, regardless of age or gender. The participation of the youngest is encouraged and entry is free for those under 7.

Can I be a volunteer for this event?

Absolutely. Please fill out the contact form below by describing yourself and telling us about your motivation to volunteer for this event.

Are there special conditions for entering Senegalese territory?

All restrictions on Covid19 have been lifted on Senegalese territory. See liked notice.

Most of the foreigners do not need a Visa to enter Senegalese's territory. See the list of visa-exempt nationals

Can I take pictures?

Yes. But keep in mind that some people don’t want to be photographed, or appear on videos. Thank you for respecting everyone’s sensitivity.

Will there be food on site?

It is expected that there will be vendors on site for morning and lunch services.

Food will be charged for all participants.

Contact us!